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 Take Aim is a Lifestyle brand that is dedicated to helping us refocus and get moving towards accomplishing our goals. 

 The arrow logo that you see above is the TAKE AIM mark. I created this mark 35 years ago as  a sketch which at the time had no significant meaning. 

It wasn’t until I was 46 that I began to realize its significance. Life goes in so many directions; we don’t always choose the right direction or make the best choices but other times the direction we chose has wonderful defining moments. Yet, no matter which direction we always find a learning experience. 

 The Take Aim Logo has three images which each represent one of the 3 aspects of Take Aim:

The first aspect is that of arrows pointing outward. These represent the day to day responsibilities and distractions. 

The second is another set of arrows that are pointing back toward the center which is where our directions and choices begin. 

The third image is at the center of the design and it is the image of a cross. 

Although unplanned it is interesting that it happens to be the structure at the center of the design.

Trusting in God and having faith in Him that He will guide us and lead us with His protection because we all need His help in one way or another. Sometimes, or should I say most times, we don’t understand His plan but remember He has one for all of us so let Him guide you. 


 Who knew that in 6th grade that I would create a logo that is essentially a logo representing life?!

What I Take Aim for is most likely different than what you are Taking Aim at but we all have something that we want to accomplish. 

 I envisioned this brand to be a reminder that anything can be achieved. It is a brand of positivity in an overly negative world. 

Take Aim is for EVERYONE!!! Athletes, Executives, Doctors, Moms, Dads, Children, Artists, Musicians… It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Everyone has something important that they are taking aim for.


 Thank you for taking the time to read this and to better understand what I am trying to create with this brand. People are capable of so much more than they understand, which is why I have created “Take Aim”. I want to help provide the motivation that we need to unlock the strengths and gifts that the good Lord has given us.

 To give back, Take Aim has chosen a local foundation, The Bridges of Light Foundation, and with them we will be Taking Aim to end the cycle of poverty thru education. We are honored to give back to such a tremendous organization that is making a difference. Please check out them out and get involved if you can.


Please share how you Take Aim on our social media accounts so you can inspire me as well as others. 

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